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BIoR Membership Offer with Absorb Employment Law Consultants

Great Value HR Employment Law Offer (up to 70 percent lower costs compared to other HR service providers) on our HR/Employment law unlimited advice & indemnity insurance service (HR letters & templates also provided). This service will be provided via our legal partner, Absorb Employment law consultants. This will *protect* your company from employment disputes and employment tribunal awards & costs as well as saving you valuable time.

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About Us

Here at Absorb Employment Law Consultants, we understand the needs of employers, because we were founded by successful business owners who have first hand experience of managing large teams of people.

Don’t be fooled by companies offering free employment law advice. We only use qualified employment lawyers and HR professionals so our clients get the best commercial advice available. This means that our advice is tailored to your business and its individual needs. Unlike ACAS, we are not a conciliation service, our primary objective is to look after your interests as the business owner. Our employment law advice is designed to give you and your business the best support and keep you out of expensive and time-consuming employment tribunals.

Implementing our advice early and as instructed can not only save your business money, it can often save relationships with your employees. Early adoption of the right legal advice can diffuse difficult situations meaning you can retain staff and avoid costly legal bills.

Our Services Include


Accident Investigation

We will advise you on the steps that need to be taken following on from an accident/incident. That could very well involve a personal visit from one of our Consultants; you will also be provided with legal advice and assistance from a Health and Safety Solicitor should that be required.

Breach of Contract Disputes

An employee requires no length of service to bring about a claim for breach of contract. A Tribunal is able to make an award of up to £25,000 with the opportunity to counter-claim and could relate to failure to follow a contractual disciplinary procedure.

Case Conclusion

At the conclusion of a case, you will be advised on what additional remedial steps should be taken, so as to help you better manage your health and safety obligations.

Case Resolution

On conclusion of the case your Legal Services Consultant will discuss the tribunal’s decision with you, and, if appropriate, address any matters with regard to compensation or possible grounds for review or appeal.

Deductions from Pay

An employee requires no length of service to bring about a claim for this reason. Should they win a Tribunal can award the actual amount claimed or that which is in dispute, without limit.


Employment Law

Early Conciliation

Employment Law Training


Employment Law Seminars

Automatically Unfair Dismissal

Discrimination Cases

24 Hour Employment Law

Employment Law Solicitors

Employment Tribunal Services


Legal Representation Support


Other Types of Claims

These exclusive prices for BIoR members can be up to 70% cheaper than similar HR Service Contracts.

Offer Details to BIoR Members

These exclusive prices for BIoR members can be up to 70% cheaper than similar HR Service Contracts.

Absorb HR Monthly Advice & Indemnity Charging Rates for Bior Members:

Number of Full Time EmployeesCurrent Rates
0 – 10£60.32
11 – 20£109.56
21 – 30£121.49
31 – 40£135.20
41 – 50£149.60
51 – 60£164.00
61 – 70£177.20
71 – 80£193.20
81 – 90£206.40
91 – 100£219.20
101 – 125£235.17
126 – 150£249.20
151 – 175£260.00
176 – 200£280.00
201 – 250£296.00
251 – 300£320.00
Over 300Refer

If you would like further information on the benefits of BIoR Membership then please email or call 0161 232 0991